About Me:


Lolo is a nickname my cousin gave me many years ago. She could not pronounce Lauren so she called me Lolo. Since then, Lolo has been my very special family nickname.


I live in Mercer Island, Washington with my husband Alex, our daughter Lucia, and our two cats, Professor Henry Higgins and Miss Eliza Doolittle. I am (and always will be) a California girl at heart but I am learning to embrace my new life and surroundings in the beautiful Seattle area. 


I enjoy baking and cooking and use both new and classic recipes. Spending time with the people that I love is very important to me. From a luncheon date with a college friend, to a Sunday dinner with my family, the time I spend with my loved ones is precious to me.


Please enjoy Oh Lovely Lolo! My hope is that it will inspire you to enjoy the little luxuries in everyday living.  Try out one of my recipes in your kitchen and cook a lovely dinner for family and then bake a delicious dessert for friends. I always enjoy comments or questions. You can contact me through the comment section of each post or through my email Lauren@OhLovelyLolo.com. Have fun reading and you just might find that you learn a few interesting tidbits along the way!

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About Lauren
A lifestyle blog that will inspire you  to enjoy the little luxuries in everyday living
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