A Visit to the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden

A few weekends ago, the weather was so nice that we could not waste it! I had been eyeing a trip to the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden since last year and I thought that it woud be the perfect chance to go. Somehow I always have the best intentions of going out and exploring the Seattle area but life (and sleeping in!) seems to get in the way. Since this will be our first summer with Lucia, I am really going to try to make it memorable. I want her to learn to love this beautiful place where we are so lucky to live and where she will grow up. As a child of California, I am often homesick to be back in the sunny weather of Santa Barbara, the dry heat of Palm Springs, or the beautiful wineries of Sonoma County. After a few calls to my mom over the years, she finally reminded me that I live in an absolutely gorgeous part of the country and my life is amazing up here! I want to make sure that I pass on a love for the beauty of the Pacific Northwest to my daughter. This summer, I plan on taking it all in and really, truly enjoying all of the beauty that surrounds me.

Back to the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden...

The Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden is located in Federal Way, WA which is about a half hour drive from where we live on Mercer Island. It is a botanical garden that is home to one of the largest collections of rhododendron species in the world. Since the rhododendron is the state flower of Washington (fun fact!), these beautiful blooms are all over the place. I am embarassed to say that I only took one photo of an actual rhododendron (the fuschia one at the top of this post). I think I am so used to seeing them everyday that the other more unusual flowers caught my eye. I am trying to appreciate the beauty around me and not take it for granted... it is a learning process!

Daddy and Lucia

The truest "blue" I have ever seen in nature. It was a species of poppy

Tropical looking flowers in the greenhouse

What up buttercup?

A pond covered in greenery. There was a caution sign warning us that it was indeed water and not suitable for walking on

A serene meadow of wildflowers

This hanging cymbidium orchid reminds me of my grandparent's porch in Santa Barbara

Little hands exploring

Busy bee

My favorite of the trip. I love the dainty white flowers

I hope this post has inspired you to go out and explore the beauty of where you live and enjoy what surrounds you!

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