Strawberry Picking and Expecting Perfection

Alex, Lucia, and I met Alex’s cousin and her family for Strawberry picking last weekend. We were all very excited to go (Alex only because of the promise of desserts I would make with them) and enjoy a day in the country, picking berries and having fun. I had envisioned a “perfect” photo of Lucia, with her mouth covered in strawberry juice just like some of my brother when we went picking in Santa Maria about 20 years ago (wow!).

It was a glorious day!

We went the second weekend the farm was open so there were not a lot of people but still a ton of berries.

Alex working hard for the scones, cupcakes, and muffins I promised to make him.

Lucia took right to the fields.

Examining the pH of the soil.

I gave her a strawberry in hopes she would devour it and I could get my perfect photo

Not so sure about it

She would rather eat dirt

It makes her happy


"What did you say these things were again?"


"You didn't tell me they were strawberries!"

"Well, if Dad gives it to me..."


I am not sure which one of these is the "perfect" picture that I had in mind but I do think they all turned out to be perfectly Lucia :)

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