Mexican Street Corn, Elotes

Now that it is officially September, I really, REALLY have to try hard not to get too into "Autumn Mode". I tend to get tired of one season and jump into the next usually a month early because I am tired of the sun/rain/cold/heat. Since Autumn is my very most favorite season, this time of year is especially difficult because I want to jump head first into that figurative pile of leaves that is Autumn. As I have mentioned before, I am really trying to enjoy life in the present (aren't we all?) and sticking to the current season is just a small part of keeping to my goal. Plus, it really ticks Alex off when I begin watching Christmas movies while still wearing shorts... So for at least the next week, I will continue to post "Summery" things because as much as I want it to be Autumn, it is still summer!

This recipe really takes advantage of the late-season harvest of corn. We got these organic ears at the Mercer Island Farmers Market last weekend for only 50 cents each and they were delicious! Mexican street corn, or Elotes in Spanish, are a delicious treat. Elotes are found all over Mexico in street carts pushed by vendors from the smallest little town to the biggest bustling city. If you are in Mexico and see a vendor, give it a try! I bet you will love it. Until then, here is an easy recipe to bring some authentic Mexican food to your Summer table.

Mexican Street Corn


6 ears of fresh corn, still in husk

Mexican Crema (sour cream or creme fraiche may be substituted)

Queso Fresco or Cotija Cheese (a mild feta may be substituted)

California Chile Powder

1 lime, cut into wedges



Grill the corn in the husk on a charcoal barbecue for about 20 minutes, turning occasionally. If the weather does not permit barbecuing, you may peel the husk from the corn and boil in water.

Peel the husk from the corn but make sure to leave the end in tact so that you have a handle to hold your corn with. Spread the Mexican crema on all sides of the corn, pack the cheese onto the crema, and sprinkle with the chile powder. Sprinkle with salt if desired and serve with a lime wedge to squeeze onto the corn for a little tang. Have plenty of napkins ready and enjoy!

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