Our Trip to King Estate Winery

A few months ago in June (I know I'm late!), we were so fortunate to tag along on a fabulous getaway with some friends of ours. They had a wonderful package for a trip to the Oregon wine country and an tour with overnight accomodations at King Estate Winery. We all decided to take the train down from Seattle to Eugene, Oregon to enjoy the wonderful views of the Pacific Northwest.

Ready for the train station!

Lucia and Dad enjoying the train ride

Our first night we stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast in the middle of the woods. We had the whole place to ourselves and enjoyed a night of talking, laughing, and of course drinking wine with our friends.

The bed and breakfast was made entirely out of wood. Not a single nail was used in the building! These pegs are what keep the pieces together.

There were cherry trees everywhere and they were all full of ripe, red cherries... delicious!

The next day, we decided to explore a little before we checked into the King Estate Winery. We stopped at Sweet Cheeks Winery and did a little tasting.

I bought a bottle of their Rosy Cheeks Rosé and had it with my sister and the other bridesmaids while we all got ready for her wedding!

Family photo with the beautiful wine county behind us

Once we got to King Estate Winery, we were greeted with glasses of champagne from our tour guide. From then on, we were treated like true royalty! Our tour guide showed us the ins and outs of the entire winery, was so incredibly knowledgable, and was a true oenophile.

Vats storing wine

The barrel room had hundreds and hundreds of barrels of wine. This room was underground and so huge, the photo really doesn't do it justice.

Each barrel has the name of the barrel producer and where it came from so that the wine makers can track the differrent types of wood that will alter the taste of the wines. It is important to keep consistant!

These are all very special bottle of wines that the owners either received as gifts or want to keep for special occasions. Each bottle is categorized and tagged. This was just one wall inside a tower with many, many flights of stairs with each flight housing a different category of wine.

At the top of the tower was a room where the original winemaker's wife (they are now on the third generation of family members running the winery) would and still does escape to have some quiet alone time and look out at the acres of land.

Beautiful view from the top of the tower. Look at all that lavender!

After our tour, we enjoyed a private tasting outside with a delicious charcuterie platter.

Lucia was having a blast!

After a leisurely few hours of wine tasting and eating, we checked into our accomodations for the night. We stayed in the most quaint house called the "Orchard House" right on the grounds of the winery. It was perfect.

There were quaint little touches all around the house.

This was Lucia's room. I couldn't get a proper photo of ours before Alex messed up the bed but it was huge!




An abundance of lavender everywhere.

That night, we had an amazing dinner with too many courses to count (maybe it was the glasses upon glasses of wine we were having but I know there were a lot). Here are some of my favorties:

Crab cakes

Crispy pork belly

Truffle fries for snacking on between courses

Halibut with more crispy pork belly (I can never have enough)

The next day we said goodbye to King Estate Winery and took a short plane ride home...

But not before a delicious lunch with more wine and truffle fries!

Thank you everyone at King Estate Winery and especially to our dear friends who invited us on this amazing trip!

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