Boating Around Lake Washington

One of our dear friends just bought a condo on the Seattle side of Lake Washington. What makes this so exciting for us is that his condo is built right out to the water and they have a dock for visiting boats! When we heard this, we were so excited to pick up our friend via boat... how cool is that?! So, a few weeks ago, we took the old boat out across Lake Washington to have a day of fun with friends on the water.

Getting the boat out of the boat shed.

It's on a really cool pully system that lowers it down into the water. It isn't stored in the water which really makes for easy upkeep!

Alex driving over to the dock to pick Lucia and I up.

Goodbye house!

Captain and First Mate

Mom's ready for a relaxing afternoon on the water

Lucia is not sure about the boat... it is her first ride afterall!

Picking up friends from their dock

A perfect day to be on the water


Beautiful waterfront houses

A peek of Mount Rainier

Love this style

So patriotic!

Perfect beach house

Bill Gates' home. I can't believe we share the same lake as him and his family!

He invited us in for tea but we politely declined. (not shown: the dock security guard!)

Picture perfect

Lots of sailboats on the water with Mount Rainier in the background

A bald eagle flew above us as we pulled back into the dock. It was a perfect summer day on the water and I cannot wait until next summer when we can do it again!

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