Apple Picking

There is something so quintesential about apple picking in autumn that just makes me so happy and warm inside. I love leaving the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life behind and taking a pleasant, scenic drive to a country farm. It feels so good to be out in the open air and to connect with mother nature. Apple picking is like therapy for me.

This trip has been three years in the making. Last year, I finally got Alex to agree to go, albeit begrudgingly, and we made the hour long drive to the farm with a one and a half month old Lucia in tow. I had checked the farm's schedule online that morning and they said they were open for apple picking. Unfortunately, that was not the case and once we got there, we promptly had to turn around because apple picking had ended the day before and they had turned into a pumpkin patch. Boo.

Needless to say, we tried a different farm this year which was almost 2 hours away and nearly in Canada! It was a glorious autumn day, Lucia slept the whole ride up, and we were all in good spirits when we stepped out of the car at Bellewood Acres. While we were getting everything ready, I realized that I had forgotten my nice camera! I had put it right in the frontdoor hallway and we both must have stepped over it to get out. Consequently, these photos are straight from my iPhone. I think they could have been taken with a disposable camera because the day was just that gorgeous!

Bellewood Acres

On the train, ready to go to the orchards

Lucia waving to the wind

A beautiful view of Mount Baker in the distance

Passing through old orchards



Quaint little bridges

We've reached the Fuji rows!

Dad and Lucia are off to a good start

She and I seem to be doing pretty well also!

I think it might be more fun to sit on Dad's shoulders

You can pick them yourself!

And eat them straight from the tree!

So many to choose from

This one will do

The family

Ready to go back to the main farm with 20 pounds of Fuji apples picked!

We ate lunch at the cafe in the barn and were surrounded by festive gourds

And my favorite flowers...


And ended the day with apple cider doughnuts :)

The very best part of it all was when Alex said to me, "I thought I was going to hate it but I really didn't. I rather quite enjoyed myself." Here's to next year!!!!

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