A Trip to the Farm and Picking Our Pumpkins

Lucia loves animals. I mean, she really LOVES animals! We can be on a walk and she will be practically asleep but if someone walks a dog nearby, she pops right up and says, "Hi! Hi! Hi!". When I found out about Fox Hollow Farms, I immediately fell in love and thought that Lucia would too! They have a beautiful farm only 20 minutes away from Seattle, with lots of animals that people are encouraged to pet and play with. My favorite thing about this farm is that it is not commercialized like a lot of other farms are around this time of year. No amusement park-style rides, just pony rides with a trainer leading you on a little trail by the river, and a cute little train for those kids too small to ride the pony. The don't have a restaurant on the property, just a little snack shack were you can grab some fresh kettle corn or some organic veggies to feed the animals. There are tons of picnic tables and even a quaint gazebo that would be perfect for picnicing. Next year we will come prepared.

I knew I would love the place the minute we pulled into the parking lot

A warm welcome

Lucia is already intrigued. These were a giant pig and a tiny pony. Just her size

The perfect farmhouse

Chasing chickens

The gang waiting for me to throw them some more veggies

No, that is not a statue... it's a real bunny!

This rabbit had great hair!

So did this duck! Alex and I though he was channeling Albert Einstein :)

Riding the train with Dad

Lucia loved the horses (of course)

Petting the softest little barn kitten

This tack room reminded me of my sister and her equestrian days. Good memories!

The back of the stable. I love the style... I could live there!

Taking a break for some kettle corn

And some funny jokes

There were beautiful peacocks roaming the grounds. We never saw one open its feathers completely. Next time

Moving on to the baby goats

They really wanted the food!

This one got desperate and started eating Alex's coat!

A peacock in the pumpkin patch

Lucia found hers!

So strong!

Thank you Fox Hallow Farms! We can't wait to return in the spring to see all the baby animals!

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