Our Thanksgiving in Mexico

I know it is the time of year to post Christmas photos but I am a little behind! I will get to our month long Christmas vacation later this week. We spent a lovely 9 days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with Alex's parents, sister, brother-in-law, and their two children. Escaping away to Mexico has been a Milkie family tradition for a few years now. This was Alex's fifth Thanksgiving in PV, my fourth, and Lucia's second. Each year is a little different. The first year I went, my nephew was the only grandchild, the next year my niece was added, and the year after that, Lucia joined us. I can't wait to see how our family grows in the next few years!

As you can imagine after spending 9 days in Mexico, I have tons of photos. I have widdled them down to these highlights. Please enjoy!

First off, we flew over the Grand Canyon on the way there. It was amazing to see from an airplane!

Our room, the glass slides open all the way making for an amazing space

Alex and Lucia checking things out. Our view of the Pacific from the dining room table

Lucia is ready to relax after a long plane ride!

Surfers as seen from our balcony

Houses on the hill facing the ocean

I love the red tile roofs, they remind me so much of Santa Barbara

Puerto Vallarta

A beautiful Cathedral

The Cathedral is just 2 blocks away from the beach

Lucia pointing out interesting things to her dad

Mariachi bands walking around downtown

Bougainvillea is everywhere and I love it! I wish I could grow it at home. Reminds me of Santa Barbara, again :)

A wonderful outdoor mercado. We shopped here a few times and they had beautiful produce!

Remember my post about elotes? Here I am enjoying an authentic one on the Malecón at night. Please ignore the crazy humidity hair

Enjoying a lunch date with Alex right on the Malecón

We all had plenty of margaritas!

I have been wanting to eat here for four years. It was well worth the wait! We all had a fun time here for our "fancy dinner" night out

The BEST street tacos I have ever had. The avocado salsa was divine!

So good!

A new take on a caesar salad

More tasty street tacos


Alex and his brother-in-law made ribs in our condo one night. It was nice to be able to let the kids run around the place and not worry if we were disturbing anyone

Lucia really getting into mopping after our party. I wish she would do this at home!

Having a "Coco Loco" (Crazy Coconut) on the beach. The drink is rum based with vodka, banana, creme de coconut, and pineapple juice all served in a freshly harvested coconut. I highly recommend if you ever see it on a menu and you're a fan of "fruity drinks" that do not really taste like alcohol.

Another lunch on the beach

My sister-in-law really wanted to try this fish therapy pedicure. You basically put your (clean) feet in a tank and little fish bite the dead skin off. Here is the girl washing my feet.

The fish doing their work on my sister-in-law's feet

My mother-in-law laughing at the tickle of the fish!

The best part of these trips is being together. Since Alex's sister and her family live in Marina del Rey, CA, we don't get to see them as much as we wish. Lucia loves her cousin Mollie.

I think the affection is mutual :)

She loves tickles from her big cousin Max!

Pink sunsets during dinner on the sand

Checking out Max in the distance. Lucia has a healthy relationship with the ocean. She is interested in it but won't run into the water without one of us holding her.

A cruise ship sets out to sea in the early evening

Sparkles from messing with the settings on my camera. I need to take a class to learn all it can do!

We ended the trip with a Sunday Mass at the Cathedral. There is one English service a week!

There was a wedding just getting out as we walked up. It was so gorgeous with all the guests dressed in shades of white and ivory.

The stunning altar

Goodbye Puerto Vallarta! Until next time!

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