Day Trip to Solvang

During our vacation to Santa Barbara, we took a day trip up to Solvang. Solvang is a quaint little Scandinavian town tucked in the hills behind Santa Barbara and just a short car drive away. I remember going here ever since I was young and always feeling transported into a different world. Where else can you see horse-drawn carriages going down city streets?! (Well, besides Central Park and Disneyland) After a few hours in Solvang, we decided to go wine tasting a the beautiful Sunstone Winery, just down the road from Solvang in Santa Ynez.

Windmills are everywhere

The three of us in front of a windmill with a tour bus going by. I don't know if there is a better representation of Solvang!

Horse-drawn trollies trot down the street every few minutes

Beautifully patined copper roofs were a symbol of wealth

Quaint little bakeries offer sweet treats like Danish and soft pretzles

Rows of Scandinavian style buildings line the streets

Lucia checking out a big wooden clog

Trying it on for size

My brother Caelun being a good sport and trying it on for size. It almost fit!

It was a beautiful day!

My brother, sister, and brother-in-law

We're ready for lunch! We stopped at a German-style sausage and brats place

And of course they had lots of beer! (for anyone who knows me, that is Alex's beer, not mine!)

My mom taking a sip of Caelun's stein

Lucia in her "California stroller" eating some snacks

Christmas decorations added another level of quaintness

Lucia making friends with Santa

On to wine tasting!

The grounds are beautiful at Sunstone Winery

Little details everywhere. I love that lantern!

Wine barrels and hibernating vines in the background

These outdoor light pendants are made from the metal rings of wine barrel. They would look gorgeous in an old barn!

My sister testing out some olive oil and balsalmic vinegar in a cute little kitchen nook off of the main tasting room

French herbs on a vintage looking sign

Copper tea kettle and pots with some gourds on a beautiful stove

Cast iron pans hanging above the farm table

The kids ready to taste!

Wondering which wine would go with our Prime Rib New Year's Eve dinner... the winner was the 2013 Mason Cuvee

Back outside for a little cheese party

Lucia wearing Uncle Dee's hat

She really loved spending time with him on this trip! (I love the olive trees in the background too!)

Checking out the games they had set up

A friendly game of bocce between my mom and brother

Lovely archway on the way out

Thanks to everyone for a fun day trip! Can't wait to go back!

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