New Year's Eve and Prime Rib for a Crowd

We brought in 2016 at my Dad's house in Sonoma County with a delicious prime rib. There is a local butcher shop (Bud's Custom Meats for Sonoma County locals) that carries very good, high quality cuts of meat for special occasions. My dad got our 8-bone prime rib there and had the butcher cut the meat away from the bone and then tie it back together. Roasting the meat on the bones adds so much flavor but having the butcher cut them away makes it so much easier. A good butcher will do this for you and it is highly worth it!

My Dad got a Big Green Egg a couple of years ago. For those who are unfamiliar with the Big Green Egg, it is a domed clay cooker which uses charcoal to roast meats (or veggies) to perfection. It looks like a giant avocado to me but it is officially a Big Green Egg. We used this to cook our prime rib but you could easily use your oven set to 350°F instead. You will know when your meat is done by the temperature, no matter which vessel you use.

Prime Rib

for a crowd

Prime rib, trimmed and tied to bones by butcher

Whole peppercorns, freshly ground in a molcajete preferably (coarsly ground black pepper can be substituted)

Kosher or rock salt

Gound spices and herbs of your liking, garlic, onion, parsley

Two hours before cooking rub olive oil all over meat. Rub salt, pepper, and seasonings onto roast and let rest on counter for an hour and 45 minutes. Put roast on a rack in a roasting pan and place in your oven set to the highest setting possible for 15 minutes to seal the meat. Transfer the meat to the Big Green Egg and let roast until a thermometer shows an internal temperature of 123- 125°F for medium rare or 130°F for medium. Remove from the Big Green Egg, tent with foil, and let rest for 15 minutes. Cut your strings and meat will fall from bones. Slice across the grain and serve!

Total cooking time will be 2.5-4.5 hours, depending on size. Remember, let the thermometer tell you when the meat is done!

Prime rib tied and ready to go

8 bones for 6 hungry people! (This amount probably could have fed 8-10 people)

And one hungry dog!

How sweet is Guero?!

Grinding the peppercorns in the molcajete

Lucia watching Grandpa intently

Rub with olive oil (it will help seasonings stick)

Cover completely with seasonings

On a rack in a Big Green Egg friendly roasting pan

Dad built us a nice fire in his fire pit while we waited for the roast

Why is fire so mesmerizing?!

Lucia snuggles in a blanket and pjs by the fire

It's ready!


Cutting the string


Lucia in her New Year's Eve finest, playing with Guero

Dad carves the roast

Little hands stealing from my plate

Alexi's vegetarian dish prepared by my talented step-mom! Gorgeous presentation!

A tequila toast between Dad and Dan and thus begins the end of the night. We all stayed up until midnight and toasted to the new year with some champagne. Thank you Dad for a wonderful way to start the New Year!!

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