DIY Art Supplies Caddy

This DIY is really simple. I can hardly call it a DIY since it really is just a painting project. But, I guess since you are painting it yourself, it is a DIY. Anyway.... this is a really simple project that can be done in one naptime. Do any other moms out there count time in naps? I'm always thinking how many naps it will take for me to finish a project. This one is super simple.

I love the idea of having lots of art supplies around the house for Lucia to grab at any moment she feels compelled to color. I don't like having crayons and colored pencils all over my floor. This caddy enables me to bring out the art supplies when it is time for art and put them all away when it's over. I found this unfinished caddy at Target a few days ago in the dollar section for $5. I painted it to match my walls (Benjamin Moore Navajo White) that her playtable is against so that it would just blend into the surrounding. You can paint it any color you like. If you are feeling particularly creative, you could paint your child's name on the side. I like the simplicity of just plain Navajo White.

DIY Art Supplies Caddy

unfinished wooden caddy


angled paintbrush

baby food jars (or other small jars)

art supplies (crayons, colored pencils, markers, small coloring books, paints, ect.)



Lay down some newspaper to protect your work surface. Paint the wooden caddy with the paint color of your choosing. The angled brush makes getting the inside corners a breeze. Let dry for at least 2 hours. Place the baby food jars inside the dried caddy and fill with all of the art supplies your child currently uses.

The unfinished caddy

Painted and ready for use

Morning pjs art time. I bought that Mary Engelbriet's Color book at Costco the other day. It is hard to find a good coloring book that isn't Barbie or princesses!

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