Laurels for Oh Lovely Lolo and New Recipe Index

You may have noticed a few changes around Oh Lovely Lolo today! In the spirit of Spring Cleaning, I decided to tidy up my blog and make it a little more "me".

In grade school, we had to do a paper on what our name means and if they had any special meaning to our parents. My grandmother has always been really into personalized products and I was always getting little cards that had the meaning of my name or jewelry with my name and birthstone on it. I was very familiar with what Lauren means. All the cards would say something along the lines of, "Lauren: a crown of laurel leaves". That doesn't sound very exciting, a crown made of leaves? It didn't help that my middle name is Ashley which means, of the ash tree. All of these nature references! Why couldn't I have an exotic name that meant something fancy like, "queen", or "royalty", or at least a crown made of gold!

As an adult many years later, I learned to appreciate the fine art of symbolism. Now, I am proud to have such a wonderfully symbolic name. A crown of laurel leaves is so much more than what it seems. Early olympic athletes had a crown of laurel leaves placed on their heads after victory. That's pretty cool! Laurel crowns also symbolize glory, immortality, intellect, and long-term vision. All qualities to admire! They are also evergreen plants which mean they never fade. Now, that is something I can try to copy! In ancient Greece, laurel leaves were used to adorn people with treasured and remarkable insight and could only be worn by those who used their knowledge to benefit the public in beneficial and honorable ways. All of these virtues are so meaningful and personal to me as I try to live up to my given name. The crown of laurel leaves at the top of the blog is a reminder and symbol of the values I hold for myself as well as my blog.

Please enjoy the new layout. I've had a fun time creating it these past couple of weeks and do hope you enjoy it! Also new is my Recipe Index tab on the navigation bar. Now you can click one tab and find all of my recipes in one place. The recipes are divided into categories like, appetizers, soup, pasta, etc. which will make it easy to navigate. Whenever you need some inspiration for dinner, I hope you will find the Recipe Index most helpful. Check it out by clicking here!

Have a lovely weekend!

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