Our Easter

Our Easter was a full day of nature, family, and fun. We went to Easter vigil on Saturday night so we could have a slow Easter morning.

Lucia played with her Easter basket that the Easter bunny filled with Springtime activities. I look forward to doing the projects with her, like a paint your own birdhouse and some little seedling starters.

Lucia especially loved opening the candy-filled eggs.

About mid-morning, we drove to Mount Rainier National Park with Alex's father.

It was wonderful to spend Easter morning out in the beautiful world, enjoying all of creation

This tree was hundreds of years old and the park rangers placed markers on important dates in history so we could see all that this tree lived through

There is a sweet little museum near the parking lot

Lucia loved looking at all of the animals

And playing the animal tracks guessing game

Alex fed some friendly birds

Then we went to the bridge to take more photos

It was really starting to snow!

Lucia loves walking while holding her dad's hand

Snow pelting us in the eyes

The Mount Rainier scenic railroad crossed our path on the way home

I think this will start a new tradition. It was great to spend the morning enjoying nature and remembering how small we all really are. It really puts my petty problems into perspective. I felt refreshed and renewed and thankful for the wonderful life we have.

For dinner we went over to Alex's aunt and uncle's house where we enjoyed roasted lamb and potatoes, caesar salad, and some delicious cakes for dessert. Lucia loved playing with her cousins and we all enjoyed time with the family that we love. I hope you all had a great Easter!

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