A Visit to the Cherry Blossoms at University of Washington

Each Spring since I have lived in Washington, Alex takes me to his alma mater, the University of Washington to view the beautiful cherry blossoms. The trees are over 80 years old and when viewed from above, make a "W" for Washington. I love visiting the UW campus. The architecture and design of the buildings is so classic and just my taste.

Here is Lucia last year. She is so little!

Family portrait from last year. This photo sits in a frame in my entryway

We came a little later than usual this year and the trees blossomed a little earlier than usual. The color of the blossoms was not as pink as years past but everything was still gorgeous.

White flurries in the spring sky

A little blue peeking through

The family walking through the quad

Lucia and Gid, Alex's father

Alex, his father, and his grandfather all went to the University of Washington... you can guess where they all want Lucia to go!

My siblings, Alex's dad, and us. I was trying out my new tripod and remote. We never quite got the remote to work discreetly :)

I loved the lamp posts in front of this building

Such a gorgeous color

I might print this one out and frame it!

Beautiful brick

A rose garden still in hibernation

Beautiful evergreen trees taller than the buildings

Love the roof and the blossoms on the tree

More beautiful architecture

Checking out the ducks in the fountain

My sister's dog was very curious about them too

Beautiful colors, all found in nature

A series of unfortunate events

Gid saves the day!

These trees are only about 2 years old and were a gift from Japan. They were planted later in the season than the ones on the main quad and were still pink

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