Lucia's First Trip to the Zoo

Last week, Lucia and I went with a friend and her son to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Lucia is a huge fan of animals and so I thought she would have a great time at the zoo.

It was a beautiful day. The sky was blue and clear and it was warm! We haven't had weather like that in Seattle for awhile.

Everything was in bloom! Spring has been such a welcomed sight to me this year. It means more time outside and less time trying to entertain a toddler with cabin fever. Nature is the best playground!

There were special rainforest rooms that were so lush and green and full of plants and flowers native to rainforests.

Pristine white orchids casually hanging from a tree. If only I could keep them as beautiful as a rainforest does!

Can you spot the bright turquoise bird? It is amazing what colors you can find in nature

A deep red amaryllis

A rare blooming Corpse Lily

They only bloom every 7-10 years!

A curious toucan

Lucia enjoying her healthy rice crispy treat (from Costco!) in front of the jaguar

This silverback gorilla came right up to the viewing window and found a shady place to nap

Zebras trotting around their habitat

A hungry-hungry hippo! Also in the background of the first picture of this post

Giraffes playing around their cages (they were coming to get fed)

A couple of teenage lions

Stopping for a snack

Some baby goats at the petting zoo area. We couldn't actually pet the animals yet. I think they open that part in the summer when the weather is more predictable

Chit-chatting with a cow


Playing with our friends and running around the cow statue

These friendly otters were the last animals we saw. They were non-stop running and swimming around their water area

We really enjoyed our first trip to the zoo. I think we will get a pass and come during the week while Alex is working. To be outdoors and with the animals is what being a toddler is all about!

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