Springtime at Fox Hollow Farm

Lucia is a true animal lover. Anytime she sees a dog on our walks or even a cat on tv, she always says in her sweet little voice, "hello!" Last October, Alex and I took her to Fox Hollow Farm (read about that trip by clicking here) and we were so impressed with how nicely the farm is kept and how sweet the animals were. We couldn't wait for the farm to open back up this spring so we could take Lucia to see the baby animals. This time we took Lucia's cousins with us and all the kids had a great time.

The cutest Country Store was open for spring. They sold flowers, gifts, and organic produce for snacking

Isn't this a quaint little lemonade stand? I can see Lucia getting lots of use out of something like this over the years


A curious white horse peeks his head out of the barn

Little cousins check things out

A feeding frenzy when the kids threw the hens some organic corn

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom

Lots of activities to do

An iron horse head in front of the farmhouse. This statue reminds me of my sister's equestrian days

Checking out the baby goats with dad

Mama pig and one of her sweet spotted piglets

She really had quite the group!

The proud (but tired!) Mama pig watches over her piglets. I know just how she feels!

Getting in the mini John Deere for a ride around the track

A standoff between the cousins and a peacock

The peacocks are all over the farm. We were lucky to catch this one with his feathers in full array

Relaxing by the river...

While the cousins skip rocks

Being her usual fabulous self on the playground before we left. We can't wait to come back!

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