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Lucia and I are in beautiful Santa Barbara for the next few weeks to help my mom as she heals from hand surgery (she's doing great so far!) and I happened to stumble on what I consider a true treasure! I found an accordion file, full of wonderful recipes that she has collected over the years. Some of them were hand written by my grandmother and even great-grandmother and some were from her wedding shower in 1983. Some were winners (my Nonni's biscotti recipe) and some were losers (Zesty Lemon Roll-ups made with clam juice and lemon and cream cheese.... yuck!) but all in all, I enjoyed every minute while looking through the recipes.

Mom had (almost) everything organized by category. I fine-tuned some things but I was really impressed by her organization. I am going to do something similar when I get home with all of my favorite recipes. Then I think I can toss some of the old magazines I've been holding onto for years (cue Alex crying out of joy).

What a perfect way to spend a rainy Santa Barbara day when you can't go to the beach!

I absolutely loved these recipe cards. I need to find some for myself and start including them in food gifts I make for people.

This recipe card was my favorite, from my Great-Aunt Betty. The recipe looks very similar to my Grammy's Chocolate Delight!

A lot of recipes came from vineyards from our time spent living in Sonoma County Wine Country

Some recipes were written on hotel paper... I guess you never know when inspiration will strike!

I found this paper with Mom's meal plan for when she catered lunch at my Dad's office. For those of you who know me personally, maybe this is where I get my meal planning from! April 30th is my birthday but I doubt I got any of the BBQ beef sandwiches... she probably made me chicken piccata, my favorite!

I am so happy that I found these recipes! Stay tuned for many recipes from my Mom's wonderful collection. Do you or your Mom have a recipe collection?

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