Strawberries Jerusalem

There is a little organic farm stand near my mom's house that Lucia, my mom, and I walked to last week. We stopped there on our way to the library, a perfect way to spend the morning if you ask me! At the farm stand, I like to let Lucia pick the fruit she wants. It is fun to watch her survey all the fresh fruits and vegetables and then finally decide on her picks for the day. This time, she chose a pink lady apple and some bright red strawberries. The farmer said it was the very last apple of the season so we made sure to enjoy every bite. When Lucia took a bite of a strawberry after we paid, she did what we like to call "fast feet". It's kind of a dance move she does when she is really happy where she moves her feet very fast, back and forth. It is so sweet! It also told me that these strawberries were going to be good.

Organic farm stand strawberries don't usually need any enhancement and these were no exception. We could have eaten them all just as they were. But, since I had some leftover crème fraîche from my Fresh Pea & Corn Soup, I thought I would make some Strawberries Jerusalem. My mom has been making these for us ever since I can remember. I asked her where the name came from and she had no idea. The first time she had them was at a fancy restaurant here in Santa Barbara, about 35 years ago. That restaurant is long gone but our Strawberries Jerusalem will live on! In the original recipe, sour cream is used instead of the crème fraîche but since I had some left over, I decided to use it up. Crème fraîche, strawberries, and brown sugar, is there anything better than that?

Strawberries Jerusalem

fresh strawberries

crème fraîche

brown sugar

Thoroughly wash the strawberries and lay out to dry. Lay out a bowl of crème fraîche and a bowl of brown sugar. Holding a strawberry by the hull, dip into the crème fraîche and then dip into the brown sugar. Twist the strawberry around to ensure even coverage. Eat immediately!

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