Our Annual Trip to Whidbey Island and an Impromptu Dinner at Hitchcock

Every year for the past 3 years, we have been invited to a day at our friends' beach house on Whidbey Island, WA.

Our first year, 2014, Lucia was just a few weeks old

Last year, 2015, she took her first steps there! Such a big girl playing in the sand.

This year, she acted like she owned the place!

We started our journey last Sunday. For anyone who has every been to Seattle, you know it is surrounded by water and gorgeous islands. To get to most of the islands, you have to take a ferry. There are many different ferries around here and to make a long story short, we ended up taking the wrong ferry! After many attempts to drive to Whidbey Island from our drop off on Bainbridge Island, we decided to reschedule our trip until the following day. We really made the best of our mistake and took a gorgeous drive through quaint, picturesque towns like Port Gamble and Port Townsend. They really made me feel like I was driving right through Cedar Cove (a Debbie Macomber reference). I was happy as a Hood Canal clam to enjoy the scenery and admire the beautiful cottages with waterfront views. I could really see myself living there.

We ended the day with an impromptu meal at Hitchcock in the town of Wilson on Bainbridge. We walked in as soon as it opened at 5 and were promptly seated. If you don't have a reservation, that is the only way I recommend eating there (getting there at opening) because it filled up fast! Alex's cousins are close friends with the chef, Brendan McGill, and he even catered Alex's cousin's wedding 3 years ago. I knew the food was delicious from the wedding and the restaurant does not disappoint! I highly recommend Hitchcock if you are ever near Bainbridge Island, you will not be disappointed!

Sorry these are so blurry, they are from my iPhone. I only took pictures of our starters. I had the kohlrabi soup, I didn't want it to end! And Alex has the beet salad, a simple classic done right!

The sunset on the ferry ride home on Sunday was stunning

The next morning on the correct ferry!

The view of Mutiny Bay from the beach house

A ferry crosses from Coupeville to Port Townsend. We tried to catch this ferry in the opposite direction the day before but were told that since we didn't have reservations, we'd be lucky to catch the 7 o'clock... and it was only 3!

Annie, the host and hostess's dog is the sweetest and most beautiful dog! She is 3/4 golden retriever and 1/4 poodle. I just love her crimped ears :)

Charming beach houses line the shore

I enjoyed my "spot", half in the shade, half in the sun

Sourdough grilled cheese, a fresh white peach, and a La Croix for lunch. It was the perfect meal to accompany my Coastal Living magazine.

There was an article inside about sands from the beaches of America. The second to last one is Whidbey Island! What a coincidence!

I'd say it is fairly accurate :)

Lucia helped our host get the crab pot ready

Alex and his father enjoyed a kayak ride

Off they go!

Wild roses on the deck. They smelled amazing

Our hostess prepared Penn Cove mussels for an appetizer to dinner. They were so fresh and tasted just like the ocean. Our host grilled some Copper River Salmon and we all feasted. We ended our day on a tasty note with these cherry cupcakes I brought to share (recipe here) and headed home. We can't wait until next year!

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