Our Annual Trip to the Apple Orchards

Every year since Lucia was born we have gone to an apple orchard. For the past 2 years, we made the 90 minute trek to Northern Washington (less than 10 miles from Cananda!) to the beautiful Bellewood Acres apple orchards. It is one of my favorite days of the year, so much so that my family teases me for it. I love being outside and picking fruit directly from the source and I think it is an important lesson to teach our children. I want Lucia to know that fruit comes from a tree, not from the bin in our grocery store. It is a great way for us to connect with the beauty of nature and enjoy the most deliciously crisp apples right off the tree. It also gives me an excuse to make all sorts of fall treats with our bounty. I've already made an apple crisp, apple scones, and this morning I made some mini apple spice muffins for Lucia's first day of pre-pre-school! I will post recipes starting tomorrow.

Shortly after Lucia was born in 2014, we went to a cider mill with my brother and mom. It was fun but we weren't able to pick apples there.

Last year, 2015. At Bellwood Acres. Read about last year's trip here.

I love that the farm is just a farm. No bouncy-house or Disney characters in sight! Just a tractor ride to the orchards, a playground made from old tires, a corn maze, and a bean-bag toss. Very wholesome and not commercial : )

We started the day with some pumpkin-apple bread in hopes to keep Lucia happy. It worked, mostly!

Ready for picking

On the tractor ride to the orchards

Pumpkins are beginning to peek through

Beautiful sunflowers, my favorite!

Rows and rows of Honeycrisps and Tsugarus

Riding the tractor back to the main house

A tiny taste

An apple cider donut while we waited for lunch

Farm fresh cider

A quick run through the sunflower fields before heading home

Until next year!

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