Cherry Blossoms at the University of Washington | Our Annual Visit

Every year since I moved to Washington from California, Alex has taken me to his alma mater to see the annual blossoming of the cherry trees. The campus at the University of Washington is already one of the most beautiful I have ever seen and when you add gorgeous pink and white flowers all over, it is truly breathtaking.

Here is Lucia 2 years ago, 2015.

Here is Lucia with her Grandfather (his alma mater, too) last year. Read about our 2016 trip by clicking here.

This year marked George's first trip!

Family photos are getting more and more difficult to coordinate.

Not everyone is happy, all the time... not even sweet George!

The main quad has the most cherry blossoms.

It also tends to have the most visitors during the blossoming season.

All of the splendid brick buildings give off an East Coast vibe.

I love the patina on the roofs.

This building is reminiscent of a castle.

Rose-colored blossoms all around us.

Blushing beauties wherever you look.

We caught the tail end of the season.

But, we were not disappointed!

There are striking flowers dotted all around the campus.

And signs of spring are budding all over Seattle and Mercer Island.

Do you know what these yellow flowers are called?

I find them to be quite cheery and lovely and have noticed them around Mercer Island.

Our tour ended at the fountain which is at the end of this staircase laced with cherry blossoms that make the perfect frame for Mount Rainier in the far, far distance.

Thank you University of Washington for another dazzling visit. We cannot wait until next year. If you are local, check out the campus before the blossoms disappear!

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